Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All-Clad Roti Pan!

I've never had a roaster to be proud of. When I first moved out, I bought a $30-$40 roaster and used it until the non-stick began to wear. It wasn't high quality. At best, it held a roast or turkey, and it didn't leak! It was perhaps an upgrade from the aluminum roasters from the grocery store, but after a few years, even that was arguable. My pan was very lightweight and while it did the job, it never really did it well. The non-stick wasn't really nonstick and cleanup usually lasted days. Soaking and scrubbing, I finally threw it away earlier this year. This holiday season, I was going to make due and buy an aluminum roaster from the store and throw it away afterwards. It was one less item to clean. However All-Clad sent me this great Roti Pan and I used it two days ago for the first time! The pan is heavy. It feels like a quality roaster! It came with a rack and Turkey Lifters! Two days ago, I roasted a turkey. After a few hours, I removed my turkey from the oven. After letting it rest, I used my Turkey Forks/Lifters and easily placed my bird on a carving board. I placed my All-Clad Roti Pan on the stovetop and made a rich gravy with the drippings. The pan was heavy, but pretty easy to maneuver. It worked great in the oven and I was happy to be able to use it on the stovetop, instead of scraping the drippings into another pan. My turkey was evenly cooked and it had a beautiful golden brown color. Since I used the roasting rack, the bottom of my turkey was also nice and golden, not soggy underneath from sitting in it's juices like all of the turkeys of my past. When I lifted my turkey off the rack, I noticed that it came off beautifully. There were no stuck on bits and pieces. I washed the rack, allowing only the water to remove the excess seasonings and cooked on drippings. The water did the trick, except for a few stubborn bits. Next, I cleaned my rack, only using a soft sponge and virtually no pressure. Perfect! Now for the pan. This made me nervous! I ran hot water over my pan and used the same soft sponge. Everything wiped out with ease! Want to know more?
The Roti Pan from All-Clad is available in large (16-inch) and smaller (14-inch) sizes. This pan is an investment in future holiday cooking! Along with roasting the holiday turkey, the Roti is great for a rack of lamb, a big batch of vegetables, and a simple roast chicken.
Large roasting pan with nonstick cooking rack and turkey forks
18/10 stainless-steel cooking surface for easy clean up
Stay-cool stainless handles with non-corrosive rivets
Cooking rack (with handles) promotes even roasting
Measures 16 x 13 x 3 inches (W x D x H); dishwasher-safe; limited lifetime warranty
After using this roasting pan, I know what I've been missing. I should have invested long ago and saved myself from the frustrations caused by using a substandard roaster. Buy yours today and make holiday meals (and clean-up) easier than ever!
To Disclose:
All-Clad provided a Roti Pan and Turkey Forks for this review. No monetary compensation received.

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