Monday, November 16, 2009

GIMMEE Jimmy's Cookies Please. And GIMMEE Special Savings TOO!

You all know I have a sweet tooth. You may not know that I am very picky. Sometimes I am so picky, it drives my family mad. I love chocolate, but there are some chocolates that I will not touch. If I am going to gain a pound, then it better be worth it. Recently, I was sent a grand gourmet kosher-certified cookie assortment from GIMMEE Jimmy's Cookies. They are self described as "Gourmet Cookies. Perfected." I think that's being way too modest! The box that was sent to me was the Classic Cookies Assortment. Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip M&M, Oatmeal Raisin and the classic Sugar Cookie were packed neatly inside. No cookies were harmed in packing or transport. They all arrived safe and sound!
Oatmeal Raisin. I passed on these. They looked and smelled amazing, but I hate oatmeal and I hate raisins. Sorry. My husband took one and tried very hard to tempt me. He loved them! And that says alot because my husband has the willpower to abstain from cookie eating, unlike me. He simply could not turn his back on these gourmet kosher-certified treats. The cookie was moist and flavored to perfection. My children each took a great, big bite. Sam, my baby, groaned the loudest "Mmmm" I think I have ever heard. He was like a bird at my husband's feet with his little mouth open awaiting his next bite! I would buy these for that picture alone. It was a special treat and a very special moment! Gourmet kosher-certified Peanut Butter Cookies. Now were talkin'! My grandmother makes the best peanut butter cookies. Or at least that's what I thought, until I tried these! Rich peanut buttery cookies that actually melt in your mouth. They are packed with peanut flavor and a richness that I cannot describe. Sugar Cookies are one of my favorite types of cookies. These sugar cookies rival one of my faves. They do not beat them, but I would say I love them just as much. That's as honest as I can get. Not too sweet, just perfect in it's simplicity. I had one gourmet kosher-certified sugar cookie with my hot cocoa! They make excellent dunkers! It did not fall apart and it soaked my hot cocoa up like it was made for it! The only thing missing is a little icing and sprinkles! Maybe that's going too far! What can I say, I do like festive cookies!

Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Remember that commercial, Betcha Bite A Chip? Well I betcha bite a big chunk of chocolate with these! They are PACKED with rich chocolate chunks and they will satisfy the most intense cravings. If you are hormonal, stressed, sad or anxious, this is the medicine for you. The gourmet kosher-certified cookies were the perfect consistency and the chocolate began to melt in my mouth as soon as I took a bite. These are some of the best ever! I have saved the best for last!!! I'm such a kid. I get excited with sprinkles and colors. When I order cookies, this is usually what I get! Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies! These are the best gourmet kosher-certified Chocolate Chip M&M cookies that I have tasted. Now don't get me wrong. I like other brands too, especially Great American Cookie Co. But GIMMEE Jimmy's Cookies do not fall apart and they are more like homemade. I can picture someone's grandma in the back of the bakery scooping cookie dough out onto a cookie sheet, then standing patiently by the oven, carefully watching until the color is just right. They are buttery rich and the chocolate is intense. They look exactly like cookies I have made in my own kitchen, and they taste about ten times better. Normally I do not compare brands, but this one begged for it. If you want that extra special homemade taste and unbeatable flavor, this is it. It's as good as it gets. Order yours today and save! Use coupon code EM111 to save 15% off the price of gourmet cookies ordered by November 30, 2009! If you are ordering for December/Christmas delivery, order now and delay shipping to take advantage of this amazing offer! GIMMEE Jimmy's Cookies is the perfect "I'm thinking of you" gift. Military, college, friends and family that live too far. They will feel special unwrapping this package anytime of the year. Bite after bite, they will be reminded of warm memories from their past. That's almost as great as the cookies inside!
You may reach GIMMEE Jimmy's Cookies at their toll-free number- (800) 454-6697! Or visit their website at! You can even pay them a friendly visit or send fan mail to: 27 Utter Avenue, Unit # C, Hawthorne, NJ 07506! And for the lucky, they are opening a bakery kiosk in the Paramus Park Mall in Paramus, NJ beginning November 18! Stop in, say hi, and stock up!

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