Thursday, October 1, 2009

BuggaLove. What's Not To Love?

I spend my mornings and afternoons listening to clangs and bangs, a nonstop nonrhythmic melody compliments of Sam. He plays the pots and pans, although not very well. Until he gets signed, very few will realize that I have a rock star on my hands. BuggaLove is helping me tell the world with this adorable onesie!
Sam was sent the "I Play The Pots And Pans" onesie in exchange for this review. It's a really cool onesie sporting some great graphics! Copper bottom cookware, front and center. Sam looks really comfortable in his ultra soft cotton onesie. It's roomy, and the fit is perfect. Right now he is going through the very messy eater stage. This onesie has been washed a lot since it became a part of his wardrobe. I do mean a lot. Maybe every three days since we received it. The graphics are as bright as ever and they have held up to the abuse of a messy toddler.

After I received the onesie, I took the time to look at everything on their site. I was very excited when I came across these mobiles!!!! I love them!! I could not believe the variety offered. Unique and charming, these colorful mobiles are the perfect addition to any room. And I "betcha" they have the perfect one for your theme!!! I am dreaming of dragonflies, and I know exactly where I will be getting them when I finish putting together my house!

If you are looking for unique totes or Love Letters (wall hangings!) check them out! They are having a sale right now on Halloween themed onesies. I usually keep my distance with spiders because I am pretty terrified of them, but I would not be able to resist BuggaLove's tiny orange onesie loaded with those creepy creatures! Check them out and grab one before the big day!

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