Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The King Of The Kitchen!

Until recently, I had no idea that King Arthur Flour produced anything except, well, flour. I have used their bread flour for some time now and my homemade bread (yes-I make my own bread, even though I use a bread machine!) has always been amazing. When I first asked the company for a few products to try, I poured over their website and was stunned by their amazing selection.
Did you know that King Arthur Flour makes great mixes? I made the Chocolate Snack Cake Mix (see those yummy chocolate cupcakes below?) and it was easy. The kit included the cake mix, icing, and fun, colorful sprinkles. The cake was light and the frosting was sweet. We had our cupcake slightly frozen. But that's our preference! They were really good! Most cake mixes that I have tried are a little too sweet. These cupcakes were packed with simple, heart-warming old fashioned flavor that you only thought your grandmother could make. My oldest and I slaved away in the kitchen...not really, having a blast as we prepared these one lazy afternoon. Logan loved the them and it was a fun project that we will be repeating in the near future!

We also tried the Snickerdoodles and even though I normally don't like Snickerdoodles, I thought these were pretty good. They certainly hit the spot when I was craving something sweet. We also tried King Arthur Flour's White Whole Wheat Flour which I used in one of my bread recipes with great results. My favorite product is the K.A.F. Kids Pizza Crust Mix. It was a wonderful base for the perfect pizza. They have several pizza dough mixes available and I think any of them would make a thoughtful gift. Pop one in a basket with some sauce and toppings, maybe add a pizza pan or a stone, and you have the perfect hostess gift! This would also be great to deliver to new moms! Did I mention that you can buy those pizza stones and pans from King Arthur Flour? Visit their site and check out their fabulous "kitchen gear" that will have any novice or expert chef drooling in their aprons!

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