Saturday, February 14, 2009

Zooni...Inspired By Children

Add some fun to your baby's wardrobe! Playful hats by Zooni are made with 100% love! The Under the Sea hat has a bright orange clown fish that makes the whimsical design as fanciful as it is functional and cozy! When the temperature drops, the colorful mop top will always keep your baby’s head toasty warm! Go wild with Leo The Lion! The playful design is created by hand-made stitches and will enable your brave child to face the world head on and look cute at the same time! Flower Power will help your child bloom! This pretty flower design will add a little spring to her life! Twelve different mop top hats are available. It's impossible to choose a favorite!

Don't forget the mittens! Four designs are available and you can pick up a hat to match! These adorable mittens will definitely protect your child from the cold outdoors. Zooni celebrates childhood — all of its individuality, laughter, and adventure! Zooni designs are 100 % original. They even developed their yarns! Each unique style offers a precious signature feature you won’t see anywhere else. Each creation is hand-made with love, quality craftsmanship, and care. They are committed to fair trade and donate a portion of their profits to local and international children’s charities. Visit to purchase! Use coupon code LUVZOONI to save 15% at checkout!

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