Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trebimbi. Bringing A Little Fun To The Table!

Bring a little fun to the table and watch your child's imagination soar! Mealtimes made fun, courtesy of Trebimbi. Peas and carrots? No problem! Your child can chase down every last bite with fun Italian dinnerware. Each box of Trebimbi cutlery contains a spoon, fork and kid-friendly knife. Or pick up a Trebimbi Puppets Club Dinnerware Set which includes spoon, fork, kid-friendly knife, bowl, eggcup, and mug! Made in Italy, each piece is BPA free and has a stainless steel body. A brightly coloured polypropylene handle is easy for little hands to hold! They all snap together and the colours mix and match brilliantly. The cutlery features faces on the blades. While your child is eating, their imagination runs free. While you're not supposed to play with your food, these imported Italian baby utensils are fun to use! Mealtime is always better with these smiling faces at the table. You can be sure, they will have your little one smiling too! Start off with a spoon for beginners, then add the fork and knife as skills improve. Implements lock together for convenience, like a string of paper dolls. Perfect for ages 2-6! Mom friendly. Just wash in the dishwasher! They arrive in a gift box. Perfect for giving or receiving! Visit http://www.niniandloli.com/ and enter code gb10tre to receive a 10% discount on any trebimbi order!

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