Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cashmere And Silk

Cashmere and Silk. Dwell Studio created the perfect luxury for your baby. The Cashmere Silk Icon Blankets will make your mouth water. So unbelievably soft, your baby's mouth might water too. But don't worry if the blanket gets a little wet. It's machine washable, making the Icon practical for everyday indulgence. Wrap your baby in these heavenly soft blankets! The cashmere and silk hug your baby close, helping your little one feel secure. The fibers breathe, and your baby will benefit from the amazing properties of silk.
In beautiful colors and playful designs, you will find the perfect blanket for the little prince or princess in your life. The lightweight material is soft with a smooth finish. The blanket is reversible, one side is just as beautiful as the other. The Icon Blankets are a generous 31"x37". They are heirloom quality blankets that your child will enjoy for years to come.

Dwell Studio is the leader in luxury. You will find bedding for the entire family, sophisticated table linens, decor and more. You will find modern prints and playful themes! Outfit your crib in gorgeous prints, like my favorite, their new Dragonfly Petal Crib Set! Visit, because it's pointless to resist.

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