Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Old Fashioned Healing

Picture the worst diaper rash that you have seen. Red angry blisters that show no mercy to your little one's precious bottom. Try some old fashioned salve and be amazed. Milford Harris invented Pinxav (pronounced “pink salve”) back in 1927 and it is still being used today to bring much healing relief to little bottoms everywhere. The formula is unique and soothing, the perfect protective ointment for diaper rashes and other skin irritations. Used on everything from bug bites to diaper rashes, even acne, this salve is multi purpose and is a true blessing. Healing begins instantly and you will find yourself believing in miracles when angry rashes are gone overnight. Check out http://www.pinxav.com/ to purchase. Available in 4 ounce tubes or 16 ounce jars with FREE shipping. Free sample sizes are included with every order! Perfect for travel! Rashes, chapped skin, diaper rashes, skin irritations, minor scrapes, burns, cuts, sunburn, eczema, chicken pox, poison ivy/sumac/oak...the list goes on. Relief is an order away!

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